Welcome to our NEW service page, now offering DNA Testing! Our DNA tests start with buccal swab collection (cheek-swab) and followed through with the legal process (Chain-of-Custody). There are also options if you wish to know the results of a DNA test simply for your information only (Non-Chain). Keep in mind that when the testing is not done as a legal process, it will NOT be accepted in any legal situation. If you want the results to be legally admissible, then you will want to go through the Chain-of-Custody process.

Aside from the common "are you the father?" tests, here are many different option to determine relations. From seeing if you are related to someone through your mother, or father, to seeing if you are true siblings. The possibilities are endless. In addition to "relationship testing" we also offer "Lifestyle Testing". Here you can find out information about how to manage your weight and make healthy choices based on your genes, to discovering where you originated with GPS Origins.

Here is a list of how we can help you and/or your curiosity: