We offer a wide variety of services at High 5. From pre-employement screening to DNA testing. Read on to discover more!


Our company offers BCI & FBI WebCheck fingerprinting through the Ohio Attorney General's Office. The applicant information and fingerprings are captured electronically and submitted to the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation (BCI&I) and/or the Federal Bureau of Investingation (FBI). We only have the capability to submit fingerprints for a background check in the state of Ohio only. For out-of-state fingerprinting, we offer rolled ink fingerprint services. This is completed on cardstock, specifically FD-258 cards, and given directly to the applicant. Please reach out and contact us for more information or view our fingerprinting page here. (Mobile Service Offered for Groups)

Drug Testing

We have lab-based and rapid drug testing options. With the lab-based testing, there are options for Non-DOT and DOT testing. The urine specimen is collected and sent to a certified lab for laboratory confirmation for the precense of substances. Results can take 24-72 hours to return(or more depending on the test and the donor). Our rapid drug testing option offers a quicker turnaround time and results are read in office within 4-minutes. Please reach out and contact us for more information or view our drug testing page here. (Mobile Service Offered for Groups)

Occupational Medicine

Physical exams, TB testing, and any other medical service needed for employement can be provided through our office. We maintain accounts with a couple different medical offices to offer these services to our clients and customers. Please contact us to inquire or for more information.
Miscellaneous Services
Among the many serivces offered by High 5 Fingerprinting, we also offer BMV Abstracts, Exclusion/Abuser Searches and Notary Serivces. Please contact us for more information or to offer other suggestions of services we could add!

Disclaimer*: These are general descriptions for reference purposes only. These decriptions may not apply to you. Please contact us or your agency for more information.